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Related Questions Billy Corgan vs. I've never heard that What kind of music did Shannon Hoon do? Dylan and Hoon both soon entered a period of depression where they drowned themselves in cocaine and cheap whores. Shannon Hoon or Kurt Cobain?

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As mentioned above, Shannon Hoon died 23 years ago.

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Shannon Hoon

Do you think Bill Clinton beats his meat? When did Shannon Hoon's career start? Alternative rock, Folk rock and Neo-psychedelia. Shannon Hoon's next birthday would be in days would be turning 52years old then. Did Shannon Hoon smoke cigarettes or weed? Soon after the purchase, Deaf Potato released an album called Soup which is about all of the words he can make with the letters in his alphabet soup. You can find a collection of items related to Shannon Hoon right here.

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I aint seen it coming on a ski Which artists did Shannon Hoon work with? Did Shannon Hoon smoke cigarettes or weed? Who do you think is better looking Jessica Alba left or Anne Hathaway right? Genres Shannon Hoon is best known for are:

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