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Holt Paperbacks, Scribonius Largus, the court physician for the Roman emperor Claudius, saw that the torpedo fish —also known as the electric ray, native to the Mediterranean Sea among other areas—had the power to shock anyone who touched it. Jeppson had the power to abort the mission if it didn't. Most of the lives saved were Japanese. Harwit, Martin, An Exhibit Denied: Electric Fish Long before scientists fully understood the principles of electricity, ancient doctors recommended it as a remedy for migraines.

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Unfortunately, if the cantharidin was left on too long, it could be absorbed into the body and cause painful urination, gastrointestinal and renal dysfunction, and organ failure.

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Rich knew his father had never flown a B — in World War II, he had been a navigator on a C cargo plane flying the Burma Hump — and so he asked what was so special about the piece. In this interview for the Washington PostBeser was asked if he would do it again. He couldn't look at the detonation of the bombs because he was charged with monitoring for outside signals that could have detonated the bomb early and monitoring for signals of the proper detonation.

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World War I, an international conflict that in —18 embroiled most of the nations of Europe along….

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