Whats a transsexual

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One who has undergone a sex change. Things To Do. In most cases, a transgender woman is a woman who was designated male at birth but who identifies as a woman. First, the difference between sex and gender is important to note. How can I get my old medical records?

whats a transsexual
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Due to changes in social attitudes, general changes in the perception of gender also occurs over time.

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Surgical steps include chest surgery for FTMs removal of breasts and masculinization of the chestremoval of the gonads for MTFs, removal of the testes; for FTMs, removal of the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and ovariesfacial surgery for MTFs, to feminize the face, remove the adam's apple, etc. For most Americans, Manning has been a hero or villain based on how they view her decision to leak classified material. It is always best to ask a person which term is preferred.

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We're normal people that deserve just as much respect as anyone else.

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