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So much for that. Sean Crist also wrote a clever satirical story about Rusty Pierrehumbert, J. Views Read Edit View history. Science 14 June VolIssue Bowen, C. Acoustic correlates of perceived versus actual sexual orientation in men's speech. Christian Siriano was born, I believe, in Baltimore and I am certain that his "affectation" has nothing to do with the Baltimore dialect.

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Journal of the Acoustical Society of America,

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They were all boys like me who kept movie star scrapbooks and made their own curtains. I didn't learn it from anyone, it was inherent. Code mixing Code switching can include 'code mixing' - saying part of an utterance in one language, register or style, and part in another, or combining the grammatical conventions of one language or style with the words of another. Gay speech is also widely stereotyped as resembling women's speech.

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They are are comfortable being themselves.

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